Gerald Massey's ANCIENT EGYPT: The Light of the World( volume 2) PDF

Occult Paranormal

By Gerald Massey

ISBN-10: 160206086X

ISBN-13: 9781602060869

This can be half 2 of the Gerald Masseys paintings concerning the comparisons among the Judeo-Christian faith and the Egyptian faith. not anyone ever understood the mythology and formality of old Egypt so good as Gerald Massey because the time of the traditional Philosophers of Egypt. This publication is without doubt one of the better of its variety and vital for each pupil of Egyptian mythology and heritage.

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The ark of Noë on the Apamean coin is figured as a box four-square. This, in Egyptian, is a Teba, Hebrew Thebah, the name of Noah’s ark, and of Thebes as a form of the eternal city. There was an ark of the sphere which is described in the Thlinkeet legend as a vast floating building. At the time of the deluge it struck on the mount, or was driven on the rock and broken in two halves by its own weight. This agrees with the division of the heaven into north and south between Sut and Horus, as their two divine domains.

The tower was the Babylonian Bab-illu, which the Hebrew writer has turned into the tower of “babble” and confusion. The story itself is found on an Assyrian tablet in the British Museum, with this difference: In the older legend the structure is a mound, whereas in the Hebrew version it is a tower built of brick. It is explained that Babylon corruptly turned to sin. ” The rebels are described as building a stronghold, but they were confounded in their work. What they did by day was all undone by night.

It is now suggested that the ark of three stories was a compound image of the three regions built up deck by deck and completed by the arch-craftsman Ptah in a vessel that is called the ship of heaven in the Ritual. In the words of M. ” And as the earth was the sekru-bark of Osiris in Amenta, it was the ark afloat upon the waters of the Nnu (Nat. , vol. II, pp. 60-61). In the time of Neb-Ka-Ra of the fourth dynasty the fact must have been a familiar one for a common peasant to call the king “the helm, or pilot of the earth which he navigates in space as the second brother of Taht,” who was the navigator of the lunar bark.

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