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From Principal’s Desk


Our school provides and environment conducive to fostering students' abilities and to equipping them with certain qualifications that may eventually enable them to contribute to a greater number of people in society. This type of learning encourages our student to have a seeking mind, drawing forth profound wisdom from the depths of their lives in and environment of joy and mutual respect. Several cultural activities in the form of
drawing, song and dance competitions, debates and elocution enable our student in realizing their own inherent potential. The school also aims to achieve
physical and academic excellence within an framework of curriculum prescribed by
the council for the Indian school Certificate Examinations.
The enthusiasm of the students, the relentless support and encouragement of
their parents, the untiring and selfless efforts of our trained teachers and above
all, the continuous and regular supervision and guidance of our secretary Prof.
Dr. Mamtaz Sanghamita and President Hon’ble Justice Nure Alam Chowdhury have
enabled our students to fined a greater meaning in their lives.
Education in the broadest sense o the term holds the key to meeting the challenges of
global responsibility and fostering the spirit of tolerance. I am confident that Mansur
Habibullah Memorial School will strive towards the attainment of this goal with
perseverance, courage and wisdom.

Mrs.Suranjana Bhattacharya