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By Paula R. Hartz, Joanne O'Brien, Martin Palmer

ISBN-10: 1604131160

ISBN-13: 9781604131161

Zoroastrianism, the smallest of the world's nice religions, is usually one of many oldest, having been based 3,000 years in the past by means of the prophet Zarathustra. Its effect on different faiths has lengthy been said, with its strategies of 1 God, heaven and hell, stable and evil, a saviour to return and eternal lifestyles that includes in lots of.

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ZARATHusTRA flEEs Meanwhile Zarathustra’s preaching had caused him many problems. He had angered the priests and teachers of the existing order. They denounced him and his message. Zarathustra fled and took refuge in the court of Kai Vishtaspa, King of the ancient city of Bactra (what is now northern Afghanistan). At first he was not well received; for a time he languished in prison. As the story goes Vishtaspa had a favorite horse that had become paralyzed, its legs drawn up into its body. Zarathustra restored the horse to health and made converts of Vishtaspa, his family, and his court.

He built mosques trians moved to Isfahan, another city in and destroyed fire temples. He central Iran, where they worked as laborseverely punished people who broke Muslim religious laws and rewarded ers. In the early 17th century there was an those who came to Friday prayer Afghani invasion, followed not long after with gifts of money. Outside the city by an invasion when the Qajar dynasty wealthy Zoroastrians in their villas seized power. In these two periods of warstill resisted. When soldiers called fare more than 100,000 Zoroastrians were them to Friday prayer they threw killed.

50 ZOROASTRIANISM ZoroaSTrianiSm unDEr muSLim ruLE Islam swept the country along with the Muslim rulers. Many people converted voluntarily, recognizing in Islam familiar concepts of Zoroastrianism such as heaven and hell, a final judgment, and prayer An Iranian Muslim woman praying outside the Friday mosque, Isfahan. Islam became widespread after the Muslim invasion and eventual defeat of Persia in the seventh century. By the ninth century Islam was the majority religion. Zoroastrianism Through History 51 at regular intervals five times a day.

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