Stefano Mui Barragato's Zen Light: Unconventional Commentaries on the Denkoroku PDF


By Stefano Mui Barragato

The Denkoroku, or "Record of Transmitting the Light," includes the enlightenment tales of the earliest Zen ancestors. In Zen mild, the writer reviews in this Buddhist vintage, which he studied as a part of his personal complicated Zen education. Sensei Barragato brings the various studies of his lifestyles and his experiences in Catholicism and Quaker perform to the lessons of Zen Buddhism, making those commentaries right away off-beat, clean, and revealing. He touches at the significant matters that have an effect on our lives, making this publication of curiosity to either the start in addition to the complicated scholar of Zen.

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There is the music sheet, with black notes on five lines and four spaces, and below and above the lines and spaces. Somehow all of these separate entities need to be together. At first what comes out of the recorder is bits of squeaks and strident sounds. It takes much practice to get the fingers to cover the holes so that a pure sound emerges from the recorder. Then there is the matter of relating the stopping of the holes with the notes on the sheet of music. Eventually, after many hours, days, months of practice, one approaches something almost pleasant to listen to.

C: How close are you? M: The face in the mirror. C: Where are you when I hurt? M: In the center of pain. C: How can I find you? M: Don't look. C: Who are you? M: C: Uncle. CASE 11 Parshva The tenth ancestor was the Venerable Parshva. He attended the Venerable Buddhamitra for three years without ever sleeping lying down. One day, the Venerable Buddhamitra was reciting a sutra and he expounded on the birthless nature of all things. Hearing this, the master was awakened. Keizan's Verse Turning, turning—so many sutra scrolls!

It could be the holding up of a flower, the blinking of an eye, the striking of a pebble on a stick of bamboo, the overhearing of a verse of the sutras, the reflection of one's face in a mirror, the nudging of a cat wanting to be stroked. This is one of the "secret" teachings of Zen. The secret is that there is no secret. The greatness of Zen is that it is not great. The magic of Zen is that there is no magic. " Zen is not something that shakes the earth and causes mountains to quake. It is not some blinding Light that all of a sudden reveals all truth.

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