Yaws, Carl L.'s Yaws' Handbook of Properties of the Chemical Elements PDF


By Yaws, Carl L.

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ISBN-13: 9780080445533

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Yaws' guide of homes of the Chemical parts presents an exceptional resource of information for 119 chemical components from Ac to Zr. With forty nine diverse substance houses offered this Knovel name contains facts from each niche very important to researchers together with actual, thermodynamic, vapor strain, severe constants, environmental, publicity limits, and so on. point info are offered in eight absolutely interactive tables and 24 dwell equation plotters in addition to searchable PDF files for each point.
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Interactive Tables Equation Plotter Tables Actinium (Ac) to Gold (Au)
Boron (B) to Bromine (Br2)
Carbon (C) to Copper (Cu)
Deuterium (D2) to Dysprosium (Dy)
Erbium (Er) to Europium (Eu)
Fluorine (F2) to Francium (Fr)
Gallium (Ga) to Germanium (Ge)
Hydrogen (H2) to Hassium (Hs)
Iodine (I2) to Iridium (Ir)
Potassium (K) to Krypton (Kr)
Lanthanum (La) to Lutetium (Lu)
Mendelevium (Md) to Meitnerium (Mt)
Nitrogen (N2) to Neptunium (Np)
Oxygen (O2) to Osmium (Os)
Phoshporous (P) to Plutonium (Pu)
Radium (Ra) to Ruthenium (Ru)
Sulfur (S) to Strontium (Sr)
Tritium (T2) to Thulium (Tm)
Uranium (U) to Ununtrium (Uut)
• Vanadium (V)
• Tungsten (W)
• Xenon (Xe)
Yttrium (Y) to Ytterium (Yb)
Zinc (Zn) to Zirconium (Zr)
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For some of the properties in the graphs, the data for variation with temperature are not available. These graphs are labeled with the appropriate notation – data are not available. Appendix – Additional Properties Additional properties are provided in the Appendix. The additional coverage includes physical properties, critical properties, acentric factor, enthalpy of fusion, solubility parameter, liquid volume, dipole moment, hardness properties, modulus properties, atom size properties, crystal structure, lattice parameters, threshold limit value, and permissible exposure limit.

It has a variety of uses – jewellery, decorations, gold leaf, coinage, catalyst, photography, electrical contacts, solder alloy, brazing material, dental alloys, medical implants, and nano applications. Compounds Example Representative compounds containing bromine, chlorine, fluorine, hydrogen, iodine, oxygen, sulfur, and selenium include the following – AuBr, Au2Br6, AuCl, Au2Cl6, Au4Cl8, AuI, AuI3, Au2O3, Au2S, Au2S3, AuSe, Au2Se3, and AuTe2. In an engineering analysis, the molecular weight, freezing point, and normal boiling point are needed.

The formula, name, CAS number, state at ambient conditions, molecular weight, freezing point, and boiling point are given in the initial entries. Subsequent entries include critical temperature, pressure, volume, density, compressibility factor, and acentric factor. The remaining entries cover other physical, atom, thermodynamic, and transport properties, Graphs Data are not available for the graphs showing vapor pressure, physical, thermodynamic and transport properties. Appendix – Additional Properties Additional properties are provided in the Appendix.

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