World Famous Cults and Fanatics by Colin Wilson PDF

True Crime

By Colin Wilson

Risky madmen or divinely encouraged prophets? From murdering spiritual sects just like the Assassins and the Thugs, to the orgies of the little identified Khlysty and the self-mutilations of the Skloptzi; together with modern-day killers just like the vicious Manson kin and the violent racism of the Ku Klux Klan - this booklet exhibits how cults and enthusiasts had this kind of strong impression at the international.

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Mary was apparently tortured until she revealed the “diabolic devices” that had given the messiah his power – St Gregory of Tours, who recounts the story, naturally assumed that it was all the Devil’s work. But he also records that the messiah’s followers continued to believe in him to the day they died, and to maintain that he was the Christ. A century and a half later, about 742, a messiah called Aldebert, who came from Soissons, announced that he was a saint; his followers built chapels for him which he named after himself.

His father was a fairly well-to-do peasant. As a young man, Rasputin had a reputation for wildness until he visited a monastery and spent four months there in prayer and meditation. For the remainder of his life, he was obsessed by religion. He married at nineteen and became a prosperous carter. Then the call came again; he left his family and took to the road as a kind of wandering monk. When eventually he returned, he was a changed man, exuding an extraordinarily powerful magnetism. The young people of his village were fascinated by him.

But his influence remained as powerful as ever, and it took another “miracle worker”, Norbert of Xanten (who was regarded with favour by the Church) to finally “de-convert” his followers in Antwerp and restore power to the Church. Rebellion, Mysticism and Sex How did these “messiahs” become so powerful? To begin with, all of them had the gift of preaching. But it was more than that. The Christian Church, which began as a poor and persecuted organization whose leaders were thrown to the lions, suddenly became the official religion of Rome in AD 313, under the Emperor Constantine.

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