Vartan Piroumian's Wireless J2ME™ Platform Programming PDF


By Vartan Piroumian

ISBN-10: 0130449148

ISBN-13: 9780130449146

In instant J2ME Platform Programming, one of many major instant applicationconsultants at sunlight has written a step by step advisor to profitable instant developmentwith the J2ME platform. Vartan Piroumian illuminates each key function of the J2MEplatform, and the complete improvement method: making plans, layout, structure, coding,user interface improvement, compilation, debugging, execution, provisioning, gatewayintegration, internationalization, software provisioning, and extra

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MIDlet. All MIDlets must extend this class. The HelloWorld class is the primary class of your application. For this reason, it must be declared public. Moreover, you must declare a public no-argument constructor, or ensure that there are no constructors, in which case the compiler will define a no-argument constructor for you. Readers who are familiar with Java applets will recognize the similarity between the applet and MIDlet lifecycle control models. 37 When you select HelloWorld from the AMS main screen, the AMS launches your application and instantiates the HelloWorld class.

The AMS then calls the startApp() method. 1, the startApp(), pauseApp(), and destroyApp() methods override abstract declarations from the MIDlet class. Notice that all the initialization code goes in the startApp() method rather than in the constructor. You certainly can put some initialization code in your constructor; it will be executed before the call to startApp(). However, the startApp() method is always called as the entry point for your MIDlet. What about a main() method? The Java language definition requires all Java applications to have a main() method with the following signature: public static void main(String [] args) If J2ME applications are real Java applications, as I've claimed previously, then there must be a main method somewhere that is the real entry point used by the VM to start the process of executing the application.

2, I show only how you could retrieve these values. In subsequent chapters, I'll show examples of how you can use these values for practical applications. Application Properties In chapter 2, you learned about the presence of certain MIDlet attributes that are defined in the JAD file of each MIDlet suite. Recall that all MIDlets have required attributes. 4 in chapter 2 listed the required MIDlet attributes that reside in the application descriptor file. A MIDlet can access the values of these attributes at runtime through the application management software.

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