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By Margaret A. Hagen

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A scathing reveal of the fraud inherent within the use of "expert" mental testimony within the courtroom.From the high-profile homicide trials of the Menendez brothers and Jeffrey Dahmer to private harm, product legal responsibility and baby custody situations, legal professionals around the nation have more and more became to "expert" testimony from psychologists, psychiatrists and social staff to steer the choices of judges and juries.Psychologist Margaret Hagen, a professor and clinical insider, information the very genuine possibility of this booming company. In each kingdom, a baby could be taken clear of a mother or father at the energy of 5 mins of "neutral" testimony from a social employee. A legal suspect's freedom or incarceration can depend upon a superficial mental exam played by way of an incompetent, overworked, or, at worst, paid-off psychologist. Parole hearings hinge at the testimony of equally incomplete or fraudulent reviews, permitting "rehabilitated" violent criminals again onto the road to devote extra heinous crimes, without responsibility for the reviewing "expert." Unmasking a few criminal psycho-expertise as a complete fraud, Dr. Hagen instructs readers to guard themselves and their households from being victimized by means of mental testimony within the court. In cutting-edge frenzied felony weather, her perception and knowledge make for provocative, compelling and worthwhile examining.

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T h e response of the legal community to psychologist Clark's Brandeis-style brief was so negative that experimental psychology generally avoided excursions into the legal arena for more than a decade following the Brown decision. In the 1970s, the floodgates opened. Do-gooders from the sixties blossomed into professionals with a cause in the seventies, and experimental psychology was ready to aid the cause. Classic research on witness reliability was refined and replicated with more sophisticated methodology and with a renewed sense of its critical application to important social problems-like maintaining an equitable, color-blind justice system.

Because one should have been enough. You should have learned. How many times do you have to step in quicksand before you get the idea? T h e same logic holds for the case study. If I meet one Catholic, chaste, hardworking, and so on Vietnamese fellow, then there are probably lots of Catholic, chaste, hardworking Vietnamese family men out there, right? Sounds good, doesn't it? It certainly works well enough for tigers and quicksand. What's wrong with applying the same "logic" to people? First off, it doesn't matter if you're wrong about the quicksand or the tiger.

You know, we all know, that you cannot generalize from one individual to all individuals who are members of a group, because there is no way to guarantee that that individual is the most representative-the average-of the group. To make a reliable generalization to the whole group, one would need to study the behavior of many, randomly selected, and, one hopes, representative members of the group. In every science, the ability to generalize your findings depends on the quality of your instruments, but it also is only as good as your sampling techniques.

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