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By Christmas Humphreys

ISBN-10: 0835602117

ISBN-13: 9780835602112

Satori is a degree alongside the best way, a gateless gate that needs to be entered at the route to enlightenment. With profound suggestion and consummate compassion, the founding father of the Buddhist Society in London invitations severe scholars of religious evolution to exploit Western recommendations to accomplish satori, the event of solidarity and divinity in all facets of being. Humphreys refocuses the knowledge of Zen for the Western reader and illuminates the laborious route to enlightenment.

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The Unborn first appears to our eyes as One, which divides, for reasons immaterial here, into Two and thence, for two alone is inconceivable, into Three which is the basic trinity o f manifestation. But it is as Two that we feel its devastating force, for we stand as the median third between the polar opposites of positive/negative, spirit/matter, good and evil, and are tom by the tension which at one and the same time binds all opposites together and tears them apart. Meanwhile we choose, as choose we must, and with every choice the ‘other’ is enemy.

As Huang Po says, ‘All the Buddhas and all sentient beings are nothing but the One Mind, besides which nothing exists’. But we in our folly, using and misusing the magnificent instrument o f thought, divide Reality and make it two. It is two, but it does not cease to be One! Eastern thought is filled with warning o f this propensity o f mind and the confusion and suffering which the habit entails. ‘Mind is the slayer o f the Real’, says The Voice of the Silence. ’ It is true that from the viewpoint of the Beyond of thought even Spirit and Matter are but aspects of the same Non-duality, but inferior mind reflects its superior parent disastrously.

But quotation from the poets can be endless, for the poets know. 1 Is there support for belief in Rebirth ? One wonders where to begin. O f proof, to a doubting mind there can be none, for what in the spiritual field has ever yet been proved ? Yet reason and analogy speak for it. If Nature’s rhythm is work and rest, work and rest, in day and night; 1 Reincarnation. Head and Cranston. Julian Press, New York, 1961 . Reincarnation in World Thought. Head and Cranston. Julian Press, New 1967 . See also: Karma and Rebirth.

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