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Occult Paranormal

By Rhoda Blumberg

ISBN-10: 0531003973

ISBN-13: 9780531003978

Flying saucers sightings are traced from earliest occasions to the current with causes offered when it comes to traditional phenomena or army and clinical actions.

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The size of beer cans marched A tall man with feathers and A creature with hun- Virginians. body glared monster with a big eye where in his man at a Peru. in A head- head should be frightened a Californian out of his head. Most of the look like freaks. time, however, the out-of-space creatures don't They look like us, but they are much handsomer and much smarter. People from other planets supposedly land on earth for a variety of reasons. Frequently, they are concerned that our atomic explosions will pollute the entire universe.

They are stars, or falling stars, but they Meteors are chunks particles of matter. of stone, or metal, or a combination of both. They whiz into our world from outer space, and unmanned like satellites, they burn up when they enter our atmosphere. The size, shape, and chemistry of meteors affect their speed and the sound they make when they appear meteors fall towards earth Others cruise along the sky meteors travel like silently; fifty like others in times faster than a an aircraft, hiss, trailing (26) rifle bullet.

The Air Force sent investigators. that the burns One of its doctors said seemed to have been made by matches. The scorched cap was sent to the that burned holes in FBI, where laboratory tests showed the cap were caused by a lighted cigarette. (45) Even though he hired a press agent to there was no fame sell phony his story, for the scoutmaster. Faked Freaks In 1973 "little men Arkansas. Dressed their laughs — and in silver a suits" metal in $25 stopped traffic in men had fine. Three persons brought the body of a office of an Atlanta, Jonesborough, to fool the public, two foil little monster into the Georgia, newspaper.

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