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Five days later, Walton’s brother-in-law Grant Neff received a phone call. It was Walton. ” he yelled. ”53 Though Neff suspected a prank, he rushed to retrieve Walton, who was confused, hungry, dehydrated, and in need of a shave. The Horror DID YOU KNOW ? When he recovered, Walton told a Brazilian concert pianist bizarre story. After being jolted in Luli Oswald said she the field, he had awakened, slightly and the car she was drivdazed and in intense pain, on a taing were taken inside a ble in a clean room that suggested UFO in 1979 and then a hospital.

This figure seemed well intentioned, so Walton followed him out of the UFO into what appeared to be a large hangar containing several similar aircraft. Moments later several creatures pounced on Walton, forced him onto a table, and put a mask over his face. Soon he lost consciousness. He came to at the Heber gas station. A UFO, which Walton estimated at more than 40 feet (12m) in diameter, hovered nearby. Moments later it shot away at great speed. “The most striking thing about its departure was its quietness,” Walton said.

G. Shaw and Camille Spooner, were traveling in Shaw’s horse and buggy when they encountered three strange DID YOU KNOW ? figures on the road. The figures were Victims of alien abducabout 7 feet (2m) tall and very thin. tions often describe Shaw apparently was a man not easily their captors as having frightened. He got out and tried to gray skin, huge heads, talk to them. and large eyes. Communication proved to be impossible. Shaw calmly watched and made extensive mental notes as the strange figures continued their conversation among themselves.

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