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By Richard H Guy; Jonathan Hadgraft

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7 ϫ 10 Ϫ3 cm/h) (12). The correct value has not been decisively resolved. Anderson also suggested excluding their reported permeability coefficient for sucrose. He indicated that subsequent studies by Peck (38) explored the permeability coefficient of polar penetrants in much greater depth and solved some of the problems leading to variability in permeability coefficients for these compounds. Figure 4 also compares the permeability coefficients of ionized and nonionized compounds. , (4,9,39,40) and Chapter 3 of this book among others] that ionized forms of chemicals penetrate through skin at a much slower rate than the corresponding nonionized form.

Figure 4 compares experimental permeability coefficients from the Flynn database (P exp) with predictions (P pred ) from the Potts and Guy equation (Model 15). The dashed upper and lower horizontal lines distinguish those permeability coefficients that are underestimated or overestimated by more than an order of magnitude. , log P exp /P pred ϭ 0). , there is approximately a one to two orders of magnitude discrepancy between data and prediction), but it is an improvement over the discrepancy between the model equations (approximately six orders of magnitude) shown in Fig.

International Journal of Pharmaceutics 1996; 132(1–2):23–32. WJ Pugh, MS Roberts, J Hadgraft. Epidermal permeability—penetrant structure relationships. 3. The effect of hydrogen bonding interactions and molecular size on diffusion across the stratum corneum. International Journal of Pharmaceutics 1996; 138(2):149–165. PG Green, J Hadgraft. Facilitated transfer of cationic drugs across a lipoidal membrane by oleic acid and lauric acid. International Journal of Pharmaceutics (Amsterdam) 1987; 37(3):251–256.

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