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Levels of Significant Exposure to Di-(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate - Oral (continued) Exposure/ duration/ K ~ toa Y Species frequency figure (Strain) (Specific route) 31 Rat (SpragueDawley) 14d Rat (SpragueDawley) 33 Rat (SpragueDawley) 34 Rat (SpragueDawley) 35 Rat (SpragueDawley) 36 37 System (Wistar) NOAEL (Cmllday) Less serious (mglkglday) 1905 Hepatic (F) I Serious (mglkglday) (87% increased liver weight; peroxisome proliferation; increased synthesis of NAD' from tryptophan) Shin et al. 1999 I -I rn 1905 (22% decreased body weight gain) Sjoberg et al.

These data are discussed in terms of three exposure periods: acute (14 days or less), intermediate (15–364 days), and chronic (365 days or more). Levels of significant exposure for each route and duration are presented in tables and illustrated in figures. The points in the figures showing no-observed-adverse-effect levels (NOAELs) or lowest-observed-adverse-effect levels (LOAELs) reflect the actual doses (levels of exposure) used in the studies. Dose conversions, if necessary, were performed using EPA reference methodology.

1996; Huber et al. 1996; Kohn et al. 2000; NTP 2000b; Tickner et al. 2001), which is 3–4 orders of magnitude lower than the lowest LOAELs in animals. 5, Mechanisms of Action). 1 Death No studies were located regarding lethality in humans after inhalation exposure to DEHP. Studies in animals suggest that DEHP has low toxicity when inhaled. No deaths occurred in rats exposed to 300 mg/m3 for 6 hours/day for 10 days (Merkle et al. 015 mg/m3 for their lifetime (Schmezer et al. 1988). 015 mg/m3, DEHP is present as a vapor, while at 300 mg/m3 it is an ultra fine aerosol.

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