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Levels of Significant Exposure to Atrazine a Key to figure 41 Exposure/ Duration/ Frequency Species (Strain) (Specific Route) Rat (SpragueDawley) 42 Rat (LongEvans) 0 > n 0 C System 21d 1 x/d (GW) Bd Wt 21d Endocr 1x/d ( GW) 43 Rat (SpragueDawley) 21d 44 Rat CFY 3mo (F) 1x/d (GW) Bd Wt NOAEL (mg/kg/day) Less Serious (mg/kg/day) 300 75 150 300 W r n O z Hemato 75 Hepatic 75 Renal Bd Wt 45 Rat (SpragueDawley) 14-23d 1x/d Endocr 38 Serious ( mg/kg/day) Reference Chemical Form Cooper et al. 1996 (decreased serum LH; i ncreased pituitary prolactin) Cooper et al.

Acute respiratory distress or death). "Less serious" effects are those that are not expected to cause significant dysfunction or death, or those whose significance to the organism is not entirely clear. ATSDR acknowledges that a considerable amount of judgment may be required in establishing whether an end point should be classified as a NOAEL, "less serious" LOAEL, or "serious" LOAEL, and that in some cases, there will be insufficient data to decide whether the effect is indicative of significant dysfunction.

The significance of the exposure levels shown in the Levels of Significant Exposure (LSE) tables and figures may differ depending on the user's perspective. Public health officials and others concerned with appropriate actions to take at hazardous waste sites may want information on levels of exposure associated with more subtle effects in humans or animals (LOAELs) or exposure levels below which no adverse effects (NOAELs) have been observed. Estimates of levels posing minimal risk to humans (Minimal Risk Levels or MRLs) may be of interest to health professionals and citizens alike.

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