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Divorce. ;h limited as compared with Agarwala' •. But she probes Ibe • ension. of leglll awareness wilh rtftrtnee to the educQtional iystem d1m . b I as well. She flnds Ihal velY lillIe or DO Informllllon concefOlng liS 1;5 upcelJ of Inw touching on familial relationl Icems to be imparted III the schools level. t .. the role ascription of bdnS Il good 'daughter' lind 'wlft' and the ecooomie dependence of women on parents and husbllnds1 may Ihem5tlyu be imporlant flctotl mtlitatlng aplost assimll~d~n of legal a~llI~ntss and use of law in lituations of interpersonal conflIct.

Nd .... Iues within jail Gr~upl,' Induchng rnettonal all18l1ee$ withIn those groups, Vitlaae or territQriJd " SOCIOL()QV Of' LAW p'~chIYDIl delll willi cantliel. 1'111), often II truch,\ role In the 'ruolution' , 1 rarticuillf con n"11:1. yalS vnry cnornll)ullyin Structure IInti Icope. doll. llion Yleldt IllfCC l)'pt'I of inf' NSLS: (8) villages with 1 small popuhuion of II 5ingie c4Sle, (b) multi-easte vilillges willi sinGle bead (authority figure) lind (e) multi·caste' village wilh II dominant cute (011111\965: 8]·98; iCC abo SrlnivlI, 19,62: IJ8·J19, Onnnambal,1913: 106·204).

SivuammQya (15119) who hll! himsdf made nn Imporlnnt contnbutlon 10 the unrlerslnnding of the Hindu law of Inheritan~e in hls w~ll·rClcarched monog'Hph (19;3). There nrc two handy antholoalCi on Ihe probleml of dev;llng n uni form clyll code: one b~ Narmada Khodl~ (191S) and, the other by Tahir Mahmood (l916)-leeallo Indian Law Institute (1978b). lielS of v3lues l1monG a cross-seclion of lhe academic elile. ln generally lukewarm towards Ihe idea of the uniform civil code really need no alibi for doing nothing; bUllbould there be felt nerd.

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