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We offer many confirmed, strong thoughts for learning the Dayside during this booklet. We confer with those tecniques as Dayside secrets and techniques. The secrets and techniques are divided into six interrelated categories:

- Intrapersonal secrets and techniques offer you the interior reserves and perspectiveness had to be successful at any endeavor.
- Immortality Secrets
- healthiness, funds Secrets

And so on.

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That will help you develop the habit without making the time requirement too daunting at first. Be aware that you will probably not see immediate benefits from this. It takes time to cultivate this kind of inner strength. Start now and be diligent. You can also take a moment during stressful times of your daily life to practice some good meditation to regain that balance and quiet the excitement and surrender responses.  Simply sitting still can have a powerful effect when done BTE. Sit upright with your back unsupported and your head balanced on your spinal column.

It should also help you settle into a state of being related to Vampiric Will that is distinctly different from both excitement and surrender. The difference between calm awareness and these two instinctual reactions becomes clearer with continued practice over time. Below we provide a few good meditations. You are welcome to try any or all of these. You are also welcome to practice your own, but we encourage you to ask about them in this forum before making a regular practice out of them. It's also possible to combine meditations, but be sure that when you do so you only have to focus on one thing at a time.

Then seek out evidence against your position. Read arguments from an opposing camp. Be open to being wrong. This may result in you no longer knowing what is right in your chosen situation due to recognizing that you don't have enough information. Consider that a mark of wisdom. It means you are open to learning the facts of reality. This is an exercise which should be repeated frequently. It is especially vital that you do this when you find yourself tempted to believe the claims that this Temple makes.

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