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By Karen Farrington

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In this robust and illuminating new sequence, a staff of newshounds was once commissioned to investigate and touch upon the key ingredients which are noticeable by way of society as addictive and eventually undesirable for our health and wellbeing.

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Inside this get-tough-with-yourself consultant, you’ll locate the straightforward yet very important conduct which could swap your outlook and bring about titanic results—personally, professionally, and financially.

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TUEIupncr Or GnowrNcUp WrrH ADD Failing at home, schooland with peers,they work at perfectingthe "l don't care" attitude they beganfosteringin childhood. This bravado of beingbadoften emergesto cover up social and performancedeficits. There is usuallya high school peer group who sharesthis attitude toward school and adult authority. Believing shehas no orher viable options, the ADD adolescenrmay gravitate to this group. She hopes to finally find a measureof peer acceprance. Normal adolescenceis a time for experimentationasteenagersstruggle to define their identities and separatethemselvesfrom their paren6.

Help" often comesin the form of lecturesabout her lack of effort. As the quantity of requiredwritten work exceedsher abiliry to produce,she is accusedof carelessness, poor motivation and irresponsibility. This often leadsto the label of "underachiever". A child with lessability often escapesthe criticism that plaguesthe underachieverbut she may be written off and missthe opportunity to reachher potential. Faulty assumptionsrelegarerhis ADD child ro rhe lowest readingand math groupswhere she is never expectedto accomplish very much.

Instead,scientistsare usingsophisticatedimagingdevicq to scanthe brain. Brain Imaglngisone promisingtechniquethat maylrovide informarion about th" cutnesand treatment of ADD. All thesemethods,however,have limitations. They show the structureor shapeof the brain but don't tell us much about hoq,the brain works. lrEs Us Fprl Lnzy. Srupro on Cnnzy the brain. A positive drug responsesuggesrs an insufficiencyof the neurochemicalaffectedby the particulardrug. How doesthis fit into the theoriesabout the possiblecausesof ADD?

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