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Tho' lone in a loft I must languish Far from closet and parlor at strife, Content I escape from the anguish Of the Real and the Seeming in life. 19 The scheme of romanticism as a triadillusion / disillusion / reconciliationis a psychological truism. Sometimes we let simple aspects of an artist's life substitute for more difficult judgments of his work. Sometimes our own patterns get in the way; we think them evidential; and then we analyze the artist's sense of harmony.

On the other hand, in the "eternal present" of a transcendent dream world does man become himself? The Renaissance heroes Hamlet and Don Quixote showed this to be impossible. S. S. v. C. " Whatever he did do, he did not make things worse. "Place" also means something like Taine's milieu, the physical crosscurrents pressing on a man, his home in the historically material sense, ever more rapidly changed by a changing social environment. In the United States by 1840 there were 1,200 cotton factories, 1,500 woolen mills, and extensive production of ironware, armaments, tinware, clocks, shoes, and tools.

How tragedy and comedy embrace; How farce and epic get a jumbled race; How Time himself stands still at her command, Realms shift their place, and ocean turns to land. 7 or stated forthrightly, as in his brief essay in the Guardian of September 29, 1713: "I believe it is no wrong observation, that persons of genius, and those who are most capable of art, are always most fond of Nature; as such are chiefly sensible that all art consists in the imitation and study of Nature. On the contrary, people of the common level of understanding .

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