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By Nyanaponika (Thera), Erich Fromm

ISBN-10: 1928706037

ISBN-13: 9781928706038

Written via a Westerner whose lifestyles adventure was once as a Buddhist monastic, this selection of essays conveys a pleasant spirit, within the demeanour of a smart and useful instructor.

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Noble friendship, so rare and precious, is indeed one of the few solaces which this world can offer. But this world of ours would be truly “disconsolate” if, besides the solace of friendship, it did not harbour the still greater solace of the Buddha’s compassionate message of an open way to final deliverance from suffering. THE MEANING OF “MONK” The word monk (bhikkhu) has to be taken here in the same sense as explained in the old commentary on the Satipaµµh±na Sutta: Monk is a term to indicate a person who earnestly endeavours to accomplish the practice of the teaching.

This is the Buddhist teaching of rebirth. ” According to the Buddha’s teaching there is no permanent soul-entity wandering, as it were, from life to life. Rather, as we have just seen, all mental or spiritual elements of the so-called personality are equally impermanent. Craving, too, is not a distinct entity in itself, but arises again and again on the basis of preceding conditions. We can illustrate the process of rebirth by means of an old simile. If with a burning candle you light another one, the flame of the latter is not identical with that of the former, nor can you say that the flame from the first candle has moved over to the second one.

One who performs low, base actions, is attracted to lowness, and at  The Vision of Dhamma the moment of death will seize an opening for existence in a lower world. One who leads a worthy existence and thinks noble thoughts tends to nobility and will be reborn in a noble, purer world. The doctrine of kamma represents the law of universal justice. Only kamma can explain satisfactorily the apparent injustices of life, namely, that often good people are seen to suffer while worthless ones enjoy good fortune.

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