Inagaki Hisao (Translator)'s The Three Pure Land Sutras PDF


By Inagaki Hisao (Translator)

ISBN-10: 1886439184

ISBN-13: 9781886439184

It is a Revised moment variation of translation from the chinese language by means of Hisao Inagaki. those 3 sutras make up an important scriptures of the natural Land college of Buddhism, which facilities round the Buddha of endless mild & lifestyles, recognized in jap because the Amida Buddha. [Taisho Tripitaka #360, #365, and #366] [Ch: Wu-liang-shou-ching; Kuan-wu-liang-shou-fo-ching; A-mi-t'o-ching] [Jpn: Mu-ryo-ju-kyo; Kan-mu-ryo-ju-butsu; A-mi-da-kyo]

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15 “Again, the bodhi tree of Buddha Amitāyus is four million li in height and five thousand yojanas in circumference at its base. Its branches spread two hundred thousand li in each of the four directions. It is a natural cluster of all kinds of precious stones and is adorned with the kings of jewels, namely, moonbright maṇi-gems and ocean-supporting wheel gems. Everywhere between its twigs hang jeweled ornaments with a thousand million different colors intermingling in various ways, and their innumerable beams shine with the utmost brilliance.

Wishing to expound the Dharma, he smiles and so cures the three pains with various Dharma medicines. He teaches that the aspiration for enlightenment (bodhicitta) has immeasurable merit, and by giving predictions to bodhisattvas, he enables them to attain buddhahood. He demonstrates that he passes into nirvana but endlessly brings sentient beings to liberation. In removing their defilements, planting various roots of virtue, and attaining excellent merit, he displays wonderful and inconceivable works.

The magnificence of your dignified appearance is unsurpassed and beyond measure. I have never seen you look so superb and majestic as today. With respect, Great Sage, this thought has occurred to me: ‘Today, the World-honored One dwells in the rare and marvelous Dharma; today, the World Hero dwells in the Buddha’s abode; today, the World Eye concentrates on the performance of the leader’s duty; today, the World Valiant One dwells in the supreme bodhi; today, the One Most Honored in Heaven realizes the Tathāgata’s virtue.

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