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By Zola Levitt

An insightful examine Peter's gorgeous sermon in response to Scripture from the Psalms and the booklet of Joel. The final of the fulfilled prophetic feasts and the inception of the global Church. The "birthday of the Church" defined because it occurred on that dramatic day whilst the Holy Spirit got here.

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Jesus joined them soon after and spent the next forty days teaching and encouraging his amazed followers. They were skeptical at first; Thomas wanted some hard evidence that the man who appeared among them now was really Jesus, and he got it! Peter was contrite, of course. Philip was more than satisfied; all his questions were answered. Judas, whose betrayal brought only greater glory to the Lord, had died a suicide on the day of the crucifixion. Jesus reminded them that the Father was soon to send the Comforter and he counseled them to remain at Jerusalem until that time.

The sacrifices merely covered the sins of Israel; they did not guarantee salvation. Only the Messiah could utterly forgive sins and provide salvation when He came (Romans 3:23-25). God would go along with an unregenerate people as long as their sacrifices were made, but He had not in fact promised the ultimate deliverance except through the Messiah. Here Joel seems to be saying that authentic salvation would be arranged for in Jerusalem someday. And in Joel's remarkable third statement in this verse, he says plainly that salvation will be available not only in the Messiah personally but "in the remnant whom the Lord shall call".

Had their leader overstepped Himself? Had He gone too far? The rumors of assassination had been in the air for some time now, and this action—this coming as the King—was bound to aggravate the situation. They huddled together in the upper room of the home of a friend of Jesus. He had sent them there when they had asked Him where He wanted to celebrate the Passover Meal. It was a safe place, but in the midst of hostile Jerusalem how could they feel safe? Jesus did an amazing thing in that Upper Room.

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