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True Crime

By Harold Schechter

ISBN-10: 0345472004

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The Serial Killer FilesHarold SchechterTHE DEFINITIVE file ON HISTORY'S so much HEINOUS!Hollywood's make-believe maniacs like Jason, Freddy, and Hannibal Lecter cannot carry a candle to genuine existence monsters like John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and rankings of others who've terrorized, tortured, and terminated their method throughout civilization in the course of the a long time. Now, from the much-acclaimed writer of Deviant, Deranged, and wicked, comes the last word source at the serial killer phenomenon.Rigorously researched and filled with the main terrifying, up to date details, this leading edge and hugely compelling compendium covers each element of a number of murderers-from psychology to cinema, fetishism to fan golf equipment, "trophies" to buying and selling playing cards. Discover:WHO they're: these featured contain Ed Gein, the homicidal mama's boy who encouraged fiction's most renowned Psycho, Norman Bates; Angelo Buono and Kenneth Bianchi, sex-crazed killer cousins greater referred to as the Hillside Stranglers; and the Beanes, a fifteenth-century cave-dwelling extended family with an insatiable urge for food for human fleshHOW THEY KILL: They shoot, stab, and strangle. Butcher, bludgeon, and burn. Drown, dismember, and consume . . . and different equipment of bloodbath too many and immense to say here.WHY THEY DO IT: For excitement and for revenue. For famous person and for "companionship. For the satan and for dinner. For the fun of it, for the hell of it, and since "such males are monsters, who dwell . . .beyond the frontiers ofmadness.PLUS: in-depth case stories, vintage killers' nicknames, definitions of each type of deviance and derangement, and masses, a lot more.For multiple hundred profiles of deadly loners and killer undefined, Bluebeards and black widows, cannibals and copycats- this can be an integral, spine-tingling, eye-popping research into the darkish hearts and mad minds of that twisted breed of human whose crimes are the main scary . . . and interesting.

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In November 1988—investigating neighborhood complaints about the stench emanating from Puente’s property—police found the first of seven corpses on her premises. Puente took flight, though she was eventually arrested in Los Angeles. She was charged with nine counts of murder, although authorities believed her victims totaled twenty-five. After a marathon six-month trial, she was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. Aileen Wuornos (1956–2002) Commonly, if mistakenly, called “America’s first woman serial killer,” Wuornos had the kind of upbringing that is almost guaranteed to produce a psychopathic criminal.

Albert DeSalvo enjoyed trapping house pets in wooden crates and shooting them with a bow and arrow, while Carroll Cole (aka the “Barfly Strangler”) got a kick out of choking the family dog unconscious. Other violent psychopaths have disemboweled their pets, burned them alive, fed them ground glass, and cut off their paws. According to ASPCA therapist Dr. ” Of course, most boys who commit minor acts of childhood sadism outgrow such behavior and look back with shame at the time they blew up an anthill with a cherry bomb or dismembered a daddy longlegs.

At ten, Edmund Kemper buried his family cat alive in the backyard. Afterward, he dug up the carcass, brought it back to his bedroom, cut off the head, and stuck it on a spindle. Three years later, after his mother brought a new cat into the house, Kemper sliced off the top of its skull with a machete, then held its foreleg while it showered him with blood. Besides collecting roadkill, little Jeffrey Dahmer liked to nail live frogs to trees, cut open goldfish to see how their innards worked, and perform impromptu surgery on stray dogs and cats.

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