Eric Julien's The Science of Extraterrestrials: UFOs Explained at Last. PDF

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By Eric Julien

ISBN-10: 1601771010

ISBN-13: 9781601771018

Ultimately, this is the step forward paintings that solves the secret of UFOs and paranormal phenomena. After greater than a part century of research, ?‰ric Julien deals a world and clinical technique to one of many maximum problem identified to technology. For Julien, the fractal nature of time and its 3 dimensions, resulted in the emergence of a innovative international concept: Absolute Relativity! although this paintings is of a systematic nature, most people can simply are aware of it. definitely the right reasons during this publication will spotlight the blunders of technology and may additionally provide perception into extraterrestrial know-how, which the writer calls Extratemporals. Diagrams are integrated. The technological know-how of Extraterrestrials explains anti-gravitation, propulsion of UFOs, alien abductions, formation of crop circles, unusual luminous phenomena, poltergeists, ghosts, autopsy survival and time go back and forth. these types of phenomena are defined through this unmarried specific inspiration. This publication will undoubtely create a philosophical revolution.

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It will thus be easier to identify what the past and future look like depending on the attained level of this ability. In this sense, the past is just the territory of choices already made. The future is that of choices still to be made, while the “ultimate present” (past and future mixed up) is that of contemplation, of the absence of intent, of the “source” where the choice is pointless because everything has already been chosen. In general you must understand that a millionth of a second (from our physical viewpoint) may contain millions of times more information than three hours (from our physical viewpoint), provided our consciousness is in the right time density to benefit from it.

This natural tendency is caused by a lack of self-confidence, a personal flaw raising doubts about the experience of others and their testimonies. Of course, some testimonies are false or imaginary, but those are a minority. Once again, statistics speak if we make them speak correctly. It is unreasonable to think that testimonies cannot be used as a reliable instrument, particularly when correlations can be established. The vast majority of people are perfectly able to describe as objectively as possible what they have seen, heard or felt without necessarily understanding it.

It laid the foundations for our classical mathematics based on the certainty that the universe is fundamentally spatial (we see only what has mass) and has temporal incongruity. This phrase entered the collective subconscious mind with such conviction that it is virtually impossible to get rid of it. Today, a growing divide separates scientific research from uncommon facts, in other words, unexplained situations. , they do not fit in the domain of reality decreed by some. Being a prisoner of space is being a prisoner of the norm.

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