The Sandman 1: His Farm Stories by William J Hopkins PDF

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By William J Hopkins

ISBN-10: 1599153009

ISBN-13: 9781599153001

Twenty-one tales of the typical doings of Little John round the farm: fetching water, grinding corn, making cider, growing to be wheat, boiling maple syrup, etc. various black and white illustrations liven up the textual content. First quantity in a sequence of a tales created by way of a father to urge a definite little boy to fall asleep. for almost 3 years his one listener heard them repeated repeatedly, and his curiosity by no means flagged. because the farm tales slowly grew in quantity, finally to fill volumes, they totally displaced the opposite tales, and that farm turned as actual within the brain of his listener because it used to be in truth while little John was once using the cows or planting the corn within the early a part of the 19th century. Later got here extra volumes a few send and its voyages at sea, and a last quantity on residence construction. excellent for a long time five to 7.

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Then he was frightened and he began to climb back again over the wall as fast as he could. And the horse saw what he was doing and ran down the field, beside the wall, and through the gate and back on the other side; and he got there just as the little boy was getting down. And little John heard the horse's feet on the ground—ca-tha-lump—ca-tha-lump—ca-tha-lump; and he looked around and saw the horse galloping up by the wall. Then he was frightened and he began to climb back again over the wall as fast as he could.

Now the miller was sitting in the doorway of the mill; and when he saw Uncle John and little John and the ox-cart filled with bags, he got up and came out, and called to Uncle John: "Good morning. " So the oxen stopped, and little John got down, and the miller and Uncle John took all the bags of corn into the mill, and the oxen lay down and went to sleep. Then Uncle John and little John sat down on some logs in the mill, and the miller asked Uncle John how he wanted the corn ground. So Uncle John said he wanted some of it just cracked, and some of it ground into fine hominy, and some of it into meal.

This day came at the end of summer, when all the ripe fruits and vegetables and other foods had been gathered. The trip to town and back took all day. You can see that little John and little Charles had a very different life from yours. That is why it is fun to read about it. Preface Whatever may be thought of these stories by older people, they have served, with some others, to induce a certain little boy to go to sleep, and for nearly three years my one listener has heard them repeated many times, and his interest has never flagged.

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