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By James McAndrew

ISBN-10: 0160490189

ISBN-13: 9780160490187

Initially released through the us strength in 1997.

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When Gildenberg attempted to inform UFO theorists that high altitude balloon projects were likely responsible for some of the UFO claims. his explanations were rejected, see also pages 8 & 9. S. Click for high-quality picture. 48 Air Force photo) landing. In the flat, featureless desert areas of southeastern New Mexico near Roswell, the parachutes, payloads, the balloons themselves, and circling chase aircraft often drew crowds of curious onlookers from the local community. ““” Allegations that civilians were threatened or told to “forget what they saw” are profoundly inaccurate.

Joseph W. Kittinger. SIOR 111 balloon gondola a, 102,X00 feet on August 16, 1960. M. Kittinger’s courageous scientific achievement remains, to this day, the highest parachute jump ever accomplished. (US. Air Force photo) Click for high-quality picture. 5 A Cover-Up? Countering claims of a cover-up, Air Force projects that used anthropomorphic dummies and human subjects were unclassified and widely publicized in numerous newspaper and magazine stories, books, and television reports. These included a book written by test pilot Kittinger.

Fig. 14. S. Air Force high altitude balloons. These dummies landed at ~U~ZTOUS locations throughout New Mexico during the 1950s. S. Air fire photo) Fig. 15. (Ri,qhr) Newspaper advertisement depicting anthropomorphic dummies “Vince and Larry” “stars” of the successful advertising campaign by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to encourage use of safety belts. iCourfcuy of NHTSA) TllJllSIBBACE MYSElFWlTtlTHE Click for high-quality picture. S. Air Force Since the beginning of manned flight, designers have sought a substitute for the human body to test hazardous new equipment.

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