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History 1

By Salih Said Agha

ISBN-10: 1423711041

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This e-book re-examines the so-called ?bb?sid revolution, the ethnic personality of whose potent constituency has been contested for over 8 many years. It additionally brings to question the authenticity of the ?bb?sid dynastic declare. to set up its theses (neither Arab nor ?bb?sid) this ebook employs, in its 3 elements, 3 designated methodological techniques. To reconstruct the key heritage of the clandestine association, half One elicits a story via a rigorous program of the historical-critical approach. half topics to shut textual research a few prime-grade literary specimen. partly 3, a merely quantitative procedure is followed to check the demographic personality of the formal constructions of management in the association. background, historiography, heresiography, literature, the narrative, the textual research, and the quantitative strategy, can't be much less inseparable.

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Azdī, p. 26; see also •abarī, II: pp. 1489, 1492. Ya#qūbī, Ta"rīkh, II: p. 319. Balādhurī, Ansāb al-Ashrāf III, p. 117. The date commonly accepted is ca. 100/718-719, cf. Qā∙ī, Kaysāniyyah, pp. 3. Other dates are also cited: 97/715-716, according to Ya#qūbī, Ta"rīkh, II: p. 298; 99/717-718, according to Ibn al-Athīr, IV: p. 155. 17 Akhbār, p. 191. 10 CHAPTER ONE he had undertaken, mixing services to the cause with his own personal interests and, probably, commercial enterprises must have occurred while he was committed to some proto-form of the Organization.

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61 But Khidāshism did not die with its founder, nor was it simply alKhidāshiyyah, a mere heresy in the heresiographers’ books,62 that out- 58 59 Akhbār, p. 204. Examples abound; numerous radicals, ghulāt, called for numerous Hāshimites- #Abd Allāh ibn Saba" preached the divinity of #Alī ibn Abī •ālib, for one prime example. 60 Balādhurī, FutūÈ, p. 527. Other sources state that people responded to Khidāsh in great numbers, •abarī, IV: p. 56; Maqdisī, VI: p. 61; Ibn Kathīr, IX: p. 333; Ibn Khaldūn, III: p.

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