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By Joan Stambaugh

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Thinking must cease to be calculative, manipulative, objectifying and learn to be attentive to what is Page x in the world by letting it be what it is. If we allow our thinking to be changed, our way of experiencing the world and reality will also change. Much of the French tradition and some American thinkers follow him in this trend, although the individual directions diverge somewhat. Finally, Wittgenstein is one of the most radical thinkers of all in his attempt to focus philosophy in the here and now of everyday life.

Irrationalism: The Revolt against Reason 63 4. The Temporalization of Consciousness 79 5. The Buddhist Way 95 Notes 121 Index 129 Page ix Introduction Much of contemporary philosophy seems to be generally in a quandary with regard to the direction philosophy is to take in the future. Philosophy does not appear to be going anywhere of itself as it did, for example, for Hegel in his historical approach where one epoch followed dialectically from its predecessor in uninterrupted succession. Western philosophy seems to have exhausted its capacity to produce a new vision of reality.

Here Leibniz is walking the tight rope between necessity (fatalism) and chance (arbitrariness, not freedom in any fruitful sense). And this principle must apply to everything within the world and, above all, to the fact that there is a world, to the fact that there is something rather than nothing. The world does not simply follow of necessity from the nature of God as Spinoza would have it. This would amount to fatalism and destroy freedom in God. Rather, the world must be chosen by God according to the principle of fitness and what is best.

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