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By Professor Jacques Donzelot, Pantheon Books A Division of Random House Inc.

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Within the Policing of households, Jacques Donzelot, a pupil and colleague of Michel Foucault, bargains an account of public intervention within the rules of relatives affairs because the eighteenth century, displaying how this intervention effected radical adjustments within the constitution of what had routinely been a personal area. Treating the relatives as a focus of a number of social practices and discourses, Donzelot examines the function of philanthropy, social paintings, obligatory mass schooling, and psychiatry within the regulate of kin existence and describes the transformation of moms into brokers of the country. Donzelot additionally offers a critique of Marxist, psychoanalytic, and feminist conceptions of the kinfolk and exhibits how the guidelines of the kingdom and the professions molded working-class and middle-class households in rather diverse ways."An crucial corrective either to the previous overly positive interpretation and to the hot pessimistic and apocalyptic imaginative and prescient of the hot background of the kinfolk and society within the West."--Lawrence Stone, New Republic

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9. See Ernest Legouve, Histoire morale de lafemme ( 1 849); Julie Daubie, La Femme pauvre au XIXe siecle ( 1 866); Leon Richer, La Femme fibre ( 1 877). 1 0. Victor de Laprade, L'Education homicide ( 1 866). 22 The Policing of Families of a mixed education involving the family and the school, where the parents would prepare the child to accept scholas­ tic discipline, but at the same time would see to it that good conditions of public education were maintained. ���h k��ping, 5vatch,. es�,yover the newspaper kiosks, the bars, and the exhi6Tflonists and prostitutes who hung about in such places.

R, put percelvlngthost;- roles as the strategi� resultant of these di­ verse forces. This form of history is not without rigor: it has recourse to theory only insofar as theory generates the possi­ bility of another narration of events; it unfolds this narration only to the extent that the latter casts light on the components of an enigmatic setup, the workings of the familial mecha­ nism in its relations with the existing social organization. This first object, the family, will thus be seen to fade into the background, overshadowed by another, the social, in rela­ tion to which the family is both queen and prisoner.

The one form exhausts itself with defining the family by the one-sidedness of a function of reproduction of the established order, of a narrowly political determination. The other endows the family with a specific being, but at the cost of reducing it to the unicity of a model whose variations are only distantly tied in with the economic evaluation of societies. Hence there is nothing in either form that would enable us to specify the place of the family here and now. The work of Michel Foucault has succeeded in identify­ ing-between the empty gesture of the voluntary and the in­ scrutable efficiency of the involuntary-a field of practices that can be considered directly responsible for the transfor­ mations we are trying to analyze, avoiding the endless cleav­ age between politics and psychology by taking account of �hat he calls the biopolitical dimension: the proliferation of folitical technologies that invested the body, health, modes of subsistence and lodging-the entire space of existence in Eu­ ropean countries from the eighteenth century onward.

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