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By Randolph Winters

ISBN-10: 1885757077

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"In a distant region of Switzerland touch is made with extraterrestrials from a small cluster of stars known as the Pleiades. they carry with them the knowledge of the Universe to assist Earth make the transition into the hot Age of non secular awareness."

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He would then hear the conversation in his head and type it. This was particularly hard for Billy, having only one arm, and made the job of typing very difficult. During the transmissions from Semjase, he would sit at the typewriter and be capable of typing 50 to 60 words a minute without stopping. He would normally have someone sitting beside him to change the paper as the continuous stream of knowledge flowed from his mind out onto the typewriter keys. This process would usually last for several hours, until either the transmission was complete or he was exhausted.

This very professional book stirred the emotions and provided deep insights into the thinking of these off-world visitors. I purchased the books and began to study them with great interest. The investigative report by Wendelle Stevens was fascinating and captured my attention for weeks, but I was strangely drawn to the photos of the Pleiadian Beamships in the photo journal and couldn't stop staring at them. "This book is important," I said to myself. I just knew it. As I slowly turned the pages, I became more and more certain that this book held some important truths about life from another world.

Upon arriving at Earth they were disgusted and appalled to find the conditions that prevailed here. The local Earth humans were being used as slaves and were being mistreated badly. Many were being used in experiments where they were being mated with animals, while others were being disfigured, raped, or maimed. The colony was an example of the darkest side of man. Living in degeneration and filth, it was decided to leave the colony on Earth, take away all of their technology, including their space ships, and leave the 144,207 Lyran soldiers to their own fate on Earth.

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