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That says what we are not able to do, God will do. Christian growth is a cooperative work between believer and God which produces a ripe and fruitful Christian life. Trying to do what is not our part, or what is not promised for us by God, is as great a mistake as neglecting to do what is our part. Indeed, one of the enemy's cleverest tools is to entice many believers into doing that which is not expected of them—and thereby discouraging them so that they end up not even doing that which is expected and possible.

This is what the Bible teaches us—who the true worshiper is — and how to pray a perfect prayer. You will have to make up your mind that you are going to obey the Word of God, no matter how foolish it might sound to your mind. Tell your doubts and fears to depart from you in Jesus' name, and in place of it ask Jesus to fill you with His Holy Spirit and power; receive your heavenly language and by faith open your mouth and start speaking to Him in your new language (Acts 2:4). Who is the true believer?

And the answer comes from God the Father, through Jesus and the Holy Spirit, to your spirit that dwells in you. That is how you pray a perfect prayer. That's how you know your relationship with God the Father through the spirit. All of this happens firstly in your mind. You will have to surrender your mind, and say to God, "I bring my mind, I bring my intellect; I bring all my emotions and I give them to you, Jesus! " That doesn't mean that you are going to lose your will. It means that your will is now on the side of God.

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The Pile Primer [nuclear reactor] (odd scan)

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