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Transparent, eloquent, basic, and profound, His Holiness's teachings are simply obtainable to starting practitioners but richly nourishing to these extra complicated in perform. within the route to Bliss, the Dalai Lama indicates how visualization, cause, and contemplation should be systematically crafted to reinforce own improvement. starting with practices designed to create a good psychological outlook, His Holiness skillfully courses the scholar to extra complex concepts for constructing the mind's private power and happiness. An impeccable realization to the correctness of element, but manages whilst to express a feeling of playfulness, a stability of particular technical information, and pleasant asides. It exemplifies the sophistication and magnificence of Tibetan Buddhist tools for religious improvement.

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Just as Sakya Pandita said in his Domsum Rabye (The Divisions of the Three Vows), unless one develops a good understanding of the Three Jewels, one will not understand the significance of the protectors and so forth. I have a German friend who is quite familiar with the Buddha's teachings; when she visited monasteries in the Himalayan regions, some people pointed out to her that protectors and meditational deities are superior to Buddha Shakyamuni. My friend told me that she didn't find that assertion to be very convincing.

Lord Buddha himself has outlined specific qualifications that a spiritual teacher must possess in relation to the different types of practices, in various scriptures on vinaya, prajnaparamita, and tantra. ' Therefore, practitioners who are seeking a spiritual master have the information needed to judge whether or not the person in whom they are seeking spiritual guidance possesses the appropriate qualities. It is important to rely upon someone who will be able to show you the right path towards enlightenment.

Then, as stated above, the First Panchen Lama composed this exceptional text on Lamrim. He was a great being with high realizations, and was totally non-sectarian, a person who was deeply admired by many great personalities of his time. As Lama Tsongkhapa mentioned in his Lamrim Chenmo, through the practice of Lamrim one could realize all the teachings of the Buddha as personal advice, see all his teachings as non-contradictory, and easily understand the ultimate intent of the Buddha. Thus, through such practice, the grave misdeed of abandoning the doctrine would be naturally prevented.

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