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By Mr. Mike Clelland, Mr. Richard M. Dolan

With no query, it is a vintage by means of probably the most interesting new authors within the flying saucers box this present day. After studying it, your view of fact just isn't the same.

The owl has held a spot of reverence and mystique all through background. And as unusual as this may appear, owls also are exhibiting up together with the unidentified flying object experience.

Mike Clelland has gathered a wealth of first-hand money owed within which owls appear within the hugely charged moments that encompass alien touch. there's a strangeness to those money owed that defy easy causes. This publication explores implications that cross a ways past what extra conservative researchers may dare consider.

But the owl connection encompasses greater than the unidentified flying object event. additionally it is profound synchronicities, historical archetypes, goals, shamanistic reports, own transformation, and demise. From the mythic legends of our historic prior to the first-hand bills of the unidentified flying object abductee, owls are enjoying a few important role.

This can also be a deeply own tale. it really is an odyssey of self-discovery because the writer grapples along with his personal owl and unidentified flying object encounters. What performs out is a narrative of transformation with the owl on the center of this journey.


About the Author

Mike Clelland is an avid outdoorsman, illustrator and flying saucers researcher. He has written greatly near to alien abductions, synchronicities and owls. It used to be his first-hand studies with those elusive occasions which have been the basis for his study. His site hiddenexperience.blogspot explores those occasions and their connections to the alien touch phenomenon. This website additionally positive factors prolonged audio interviews with visionaries and specialists reading the complexities of the general alien ship adventure. past that, Mike is taken into account a professional within the abilities of ultralight backpacking, and has authored or illustrated a chain of tutorial books inquisitive about complex outside strategies. He spent approximately 25 years residing within the Rockies, and now lives within the Adirondacks.

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Both had a kind of mystical experience after a focused intention that had a profound effect on their lives. Both of them had this experience while lying on their outdoor hammock. For both of them, their event started while they were alone, and both were soon joined by their child and husband. They were even friends on Facebook, although unaware of each other’s hammock experience. They even look remarkably alike. For one of the women, the mystical encounter involved two owls; for the other, it was the sighting of a UFO.

The word alien is used throughout this book, and some object to this because it implies a being from another planet. Others prefer visitors, ETs, UFO Occupants, or star beings. I know one woman who refers to them only as creatures. ” This seems entirely acceptable All these words fall short because none of this is straightforward. I sense a lot of overlap and blurring, a disparate gray zone where easy answers seem impossible. I struggle because this stuff can be terribly complex, there’s no simple way to sum up the conflicting experiences that get reported by real people.

It just kept standing there, apparently mesmerized by my headlights. Its head was even with the top of the fender, so I could see its huge unblinking eyes quite clearly. I honked and came closer to it. I didn't want to hurt it, just to make it move out of the road. It then turned and flew very low to the ground with a large wingspan, and alighted just out of the range of my headlights. Once again I approached it and it wouldn't move until I got right up to it. Then it would fly a short distance again, alight and turn to face the car.

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