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Occult Paranormal

By Thom Powell

ISBN-10: 0888395523

ISBN-13: 9780888395528

Bigfoots ARE The Locals. They reside right here. They have been right here earlier than we people confirmed up at the continent and they're going to most probably live longer than us. this can be a 'bigfoot e-book' but it probes a lot deeper than an easy remedy of the hackneyed query of 'Does Bigfoot exist?'. This e-book delves into such questions as why bigfoots exist, why they behave as they do, and why they've got no longer but been, and will by no means be dragged into the highlight of technology and the media. and do not glance to 'science' for solutions, simply because technology is at present unequipped to shed any mild in this profound anthropological secret.

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