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By Christopher G. Thorne

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Crucial background.

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Kelman (ed), International Behavior (New York, 5 Teichman, 50. 1966). 6 Gull, 43. Cf. G. Kiernan, The Lords of Human Kind (London, 1969). 18 EXPOSITION and until1898 British trade outstripped that of other states. A. to China exceeded Britain's) and the China trade had come to be rivalled by that with other Far Eastern areas, 2 British money continued to represent by far the largest portion of foreign investment in that country. 8 The interests of other European states in China in this period need not be examined in detail.

A. had already become apparent-again, foreshadowing a major feature of the 1931-3 crisis. The 1911 revision of the alliance with Japan had been planned on the British side partly in order to avoid the possible consequence of having to fight against the United States, and by 1919 there was a strong belief in the Foreign Office that it should be replaced by an entente between the three countries. Anxiety to avoid a naval race with America and not to alienate her at a time of debt negotiations pointed in a similar direction.

The agreement referred to Korea, Manchuria and Fukien for Japan, Indo-China and South China in the case of France. On the significance of various European/Far Eastern agreements of this period, see Hudson, 139-40. 6 E. vy, Imperialism and the Rise of Labour (London, 1961), 40. 7 Quoted in Nish, 12-13. 8 D. Thomson, England in the Nineteenth Century (Harmondsworth, 1950), 203; G. M. Young, Victorian England: Portrait of an Age (London, 1960), 183. THE SETTING IN THE FAR EAST, I 25 the limits to British power and influence on the continent of Europe had been made more plain during the Austro-Prussian war with Denmark, 1 while since the 1870s the predominant position of British industry and even finance had been threatened and, in some respects, lost.

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