The Light of Asia by Sir Edwin Arnold PDF


By Sir Edwin Arnold

ISBN-10: 1848301618

ISBN-13: 9781848301610

This Elibron Classics e-book is a facsimile reprint of a 1903 variation by means of Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co. Ltd., London.

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Then our Lord Laid the swan’s neck beside his own smooth cheek And gravely spake. “Say no! the bird is mine, The first of myriad things which shall be mine By right of mercy and love’s lordliness. ” So was it done; In full divan the business had debate, And many thought this thing and many that; Till there arose an unknown priest who said, “If life be aught, the saviour of a life Owns more the living thing than he can own Who sought to slay — the slayer spoils and wastes, The cherisher sustains, give him the bird:” The judgment all found just; but when the King Sought out the sage for honour, he was gone; And some one saw a hooded snake glide forth, — The gods come oft-times thus!

Then fitting fair a shaft, he drew and loosed, And the keen arrow clove the sky, and drave Right through that farthest drum, nor stayed its flight, But skimmed the plain beyond, past reach of eye. ” and the maid 53 Trembled anew seeing the trees erect, Until the Devas of the air, who watched, Blew light breaths from the south, and both green crowns Crashed in the sand, clean-felled. ” So the syces brought A stallion dark as night, led by three chains, Fierce-eyed, with nostrils wide and tossing mane, Unshod, unsaddled, for no rider yet Had crossed him.

40 Which the King marking, called his Ministers: “Bethink ye, sirs! how the old Rishi spake,” He said, “and what my dream-readers foretold. This boy, more dear to me than mine heart’s blood, Shall be of universal dominance, Trampling the neck of all his enemies, A King of kings — and this is in my heart — Or he shall tread the sad and lowly path Of self-denial and of pious pains, Gaining who knows what good, when all is lost Worth keeping; and to this his wistful eyes Do stil incline amid my palaces.

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The Light of Asia by Sir Edwin Arnold

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