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By Mary Lutyens

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Having formerly written 3 books on Krishnamurti, this booklet covers the entire tale of his existence and philosophy. the writer knew him in India now not lengthy after the leaders of the Theosophists came upon him, as a boy in India, believing him to be the automobile for the arrival Messiah. the tale of his schooling and adjustment to the western international is explored, his later denial of his Messianic position and his emergence as an international instructor who attracted the eye of the United countries and the main eminent in numerous fields comparable to Nehru, Dalai Lama, Bernard Shaw, Aldous Huxley, Mrs Gandhi, Iris Murdoch, David Bohm and Bernard Levin.

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He wished he could ‘bruise’ us more. ’19 Yet in spite of his harshness one felt his great love for us and his longing that we should grow into beautiful human beings – his terror that we should become ‘mediocre’. ‘The process’ stopped on 24 September when Krishna ‘brought through’ a message which he believed to be from the Lord Maitreya: Learn to serve Me, for along the Path alone you will find Me. Forget yourself, for only then am I to be found. Do not look for the Great Ones when they may be very near you.

On the way, Krishna stopped in Amsterdam where he met an attractive American girl of seventeen, Helen Knothe, who was staying with her Theosophical Dutch aunt and studying the violin. For the first time he fell in love. Soon after Krishna returned to Villars it was settled that, Nitya’s health permitting, the brothers should leave from Marseilles for Bombay on 19 November. Nitya’s health had certainly improved, and towards the end of October Madame de Manziarly escorted him to Leysin to consult a well-known 32 lung specialist, Dr Rollier, who, unfortunately, pronounced him well enough to travel to India.

Unhappy and homesick for Helen, he was distressed to find so many jealous factions at Adyar. He gave tea parties every day in his room in an attempt to bring people into harmony and to ‘smash their cliques’. ‘Everybody is very anxious to see me and talk to me and take my advice,’ he told Lady Emily. ‘Lord only knows why. I don’t. ’ * Narianiah died in February 1924. His eldest son, Sivaram, had become a doctor and died in 1952, leaving four sons and four daughters. Krishna’s youngest brother, Sadanand, lived with Sivaram until his death in 1948.

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