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By Lama Zopa Rinpoche

ISBN-10: 1891868179

ISBN-13: 9781891868177

During this e-book, Lama Zopa Rinpoche teaches on one in all his favourite topics--compassion. He tells us that compassion for others is the right way to triumph over any stumbling blocks we stumble upon, in our Dharma perform, or profession and existence itself, and the simplest drugs for treating any ailment we event. even if, those teachings usually are not constrained to compassion. Rinpoche additionally explains vacancy, karma and lots of different crucial Buddhist topics. As ever, his teachings are transparent, proper, funny and direct--a excellent advisor to creating our lives significant.

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Sometimes you will find that meditators who practice strongly, who lead pure lives of renunciation, experience many sicknesses and problems, one after another. Of course, whether these experiences become a problem to them or not depends on how they think. Something that appears as a problem to others might not be a problem for them. It depends on how they look at the situation. Cancer or other serious illnesses can be taken as a very positive sign, because it means that the person will not have to experience many hundreds of thousands of lifetimes of heavy suffering results in the lower realms for incredible lengths of time from just one negative karma.

Our bodies would freak out, our minds would freak out. Everything would freak out . . even our houses would freak out! Anyway, I’m comparing us to hungry ghosts because I myself am quite fussy about food. However, the hungry ghosts have unbearably heavy sufferings like that. So, as I often mention, as it says in the teachings, the heat of the fire when the world comes to an end is sixty or seventy times greater than that of all the fires of our human world put together, but one tiny spark from the hell realm is seven times hotter than that.

Of regret has a good future because it purifies them; at least, it makes them lighter and shorter. Thus, it is positive. Therefore, it is wrong to think that just because at the moment something feels unpleasant it must be negative. That kind of thinking becomes an obstacle to purifying your negative karma, to avoiding your future suffering, to freeing yourself from samsara, to attaining enlightenment, to achieving realizations. Instead of focusing on the incredible benefits you’ll gain, all that future peace and happiness, interpreting the whole thing as negative becomes a huge block to all those good results.

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