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By John G. Fuller, B/w

The e-book recounts the vintage and so much conscientiously documented of the numerous 'close encounters' which were pronounced internationally. using domestic from Canada at the evening of September nineteenth 1961, Betty and Barney Hill of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, sighted a flying saucer, which left them shaken. after they arrived domestic Barney came upon inexplicable scuff marks at the assistance of his sneakers; Betty spotted rows of mysterious circles at the boot in their motor vehicle, yet what was once worse, they realised they can no longer account for nearly hours in their time at the highway. After many months of psychic misery, they sought scientific the help of Dr. Benjamin Simon, a exotic Boston psychiatrist and neurologist, and below psychotherapy, together with time-regression hypnosis, the Hills gave nearly exact debts of what had occurred in the course of their misplaced hours. They advised of clever humanoid beings who took them on board an alien spacecraft, puzzled them and subjected them to actual examination.Betty and Barney Hill have been an American married couple who rose to popularity once they claimed to were kidnapped by way of extraterrestrials on September 19-20, 1961.
The couple's tale, known as the Hill Abduction, and sometimes the Zeta Reticuli Incident, was once they'd been abducted for a little while by way of a flying saucers. Theirs was once the 1st widely-publicized declare of alien abduction, tailored into the best-selling 1966 booklet The Interrupted trip and a tv motion picture.

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At this point, my husband became shocked and got back in the car, in a hysterical condi tion, laughing and repeating that they were going to capture us. H e started driving the car-the motor had been left running. As we started to move, we heard several b u zzing or beeping sounds which seemed to be striking the t runk of our car. We did not observe this object leaving, but we did not sec it again, al­ though abo u t thirty miles further south we were aga i n bombarded by those same beeping sounds.

W e wish t o inquire i f you have written any more books about unidentified flying objects since The Flying Saucer Conspiracy was published. If so, it would certainly be appreciated if you would send us the name of the publisher, as we have been unsuccess­ ful in finding any information more up-to-date than this book. A stamped, self-addressed envelope is being included for your convenience. My husband and I have become immensely interested in this topic, as we recently had quite a frightening experience, which does seem to differ from others of which we are aware.

Trying to keep calm, Betty recounted the story of the night before. Janet, who had no reservations about the possibility of a UFO sighting because of her own experience, grew very excited and confirmed Betty's growing feeling that the car or their clothes might have in some way been exposed to radiation if the object had hovered directly over the car. Up to this point, Betty's floating anxiety about some kind of contamination had been instinctive ; now she wondered if there were not some kind of basis in re­ ality for the feeling she had.

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