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By Joseph P. Farrell

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The traditional energy GRID printed reflect on the prospect that there's an alchemical cosmology in very historic stone monuments, and that this can be attached to the Mayans, their myths, and the mysterious machined ruins of Pumu Punkhu. think about the chance that an old and hidden elite laid out a whole international development grid, after which equipped it over millennia. additionally think of that the "elite" at the back of this alchemical time table disguised a sophisticated technological know-how inside of spiritual myths and hid a hugely subtle physics. eventually, ponder that once the 1st hydrogen bombs have been confirmed, they may have tapped into the unknown resources of strength from that grid ... with runaway results!Join well known Oxford-educated researcher Dr. Joseph P. Farrell and fellow Oxford-educated pupil Dr. Scott D. de Hart as they take you on an alarming and breath-taking experience via historic websites, mystery and complicated applied sciences, and discover the topological metaphors in the back of the physics of the "pyramid peoples." As consistently, with Farrell and contributing writer de Hart, painstaking study ends up in clean and incredible conclusions.Topics include:*Alchemical Cosmology and Quantum Mechanics in Stone*Paradoxes at Pumu Punku*Anomalies on the Temples of Angkor*Mesopotamian Pyramid Peoples*Grid Geopolitical Geomancy*The historical best Meridian: Giza*Divination, Animation, therapeutic, and Numerical Traditions*Transmitters, Temples, and Nazis*The grasp Plan of a Hidden Elite

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The Primordial Triad and Differentiation: The Topological Metaphor, Mayan Style 2. The Engineering of Man 3. The Primordial “Masculine Androgyny”#x201D; of Man and the Tower of Babel Moment B. The Structures 1. Tikal and Chichen Itza 2. Chichen Itza and Human Sacrifice 8. Humanity in Debt: The Anomaly of Human Sacrifices in the Aztecs and Anselm A. The Aztecs and Human Sacrifice 1. The Original Teaching of Quetzlcoatl 2. Curious Statements, the Human Payment, and Two Elites a. Unusual Ritual Parallels b.

Every precaution had therefore been taken; calculations of his yield were checked and re-checked. Calm statements from Pentagon leaders reassured the American people, and indeed, the world population, that “Mike” would not ignite the hydrogen in the atmosphere and turn the entire planet into a funeral pyre. Newsreels of calm, confident pipe-smoking military men were prepared to announce to the world that mankind had entered a new age, the “thermonuclear” age, an age that made the short-lived “atomic” age seem a mere kindergarten by comparison.

The Sexagesimal System, Music, and Cosmology 1. Babylonian and Hebrew Flood Chronologies 2. Babylonian Mathematics: Clues to a Higher Dimensional Physics? 3. Mesopotamian Music and the Fine Structure Constant PART FOUR: THE PREMIER “PYRAMID PEOPLES”: THE EGYPTIANS 10. Alchemical Cosmology and Quantum Mechanics in Stone: The Mysterious Megalith of Nabta Playa A. Celestial Alignments at Nabta Playa 1. The Celestial Alignments 2. The Subterranean Structures and the Cosmological Meaning B. The Biggest Problem for the Standard Model: The Analogues of the Constants of Quantum Mechanics at Nabta laya C.

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