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By Hans Dieter Betz

ISBN-10: 0226044440

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A translation of the gathering of magical spells and formulation, hymns, and rituals from Greco-Roman Egypt, relationship from the second one century B.C. to the 5th century A.D.

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5. PGM LVII and LXXII are evcn written in cryptography. See also my ardcle 'The Formation of Authoritative Tradition in the Greek Magical Papyri," in Jewish and ChIwtian SeF Definition, vol. 3: SeFDeJinitron in the Gmco-Roman World,ed. B. F. Meyer and E. P Sanders (Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1982), 161-70. 6. A definition ofthe notion of magc cannot he attempted here. In order to provide an adequate definition, the complcxitics of rhc notion, its relations with "religion" and "science," and the rather frustrating history and literature of the problem would have to be discussed first.

Q~ouse psple4a~s! q1ou s! qm s q 1e ~ Llqedez -sou! s! po4 rlswa( aql 'oeI s! iqd) alnleN i ~ ! sag 733 ueurox-oza~3s q ii! suo>lzej e ' s o ! p ~o r l o d ~s! ~ J J O A U ! i[lunba ! LIE s! sn ,iq s! $ppoZ%\ pue ssazxs 01, < e ,lsaq ~ arp I P L ~snsuasu03 e S! +oJaqruer[wme at[] u! ro,o,wapun ~uro3acls 1 2 . d ~ ;,irreur ~ u! Dcspitc all tliese changes, there has always been an unbroken tradition of magic. cr come truc? Or do they? Do people ncvcr check up on thc efficiency of magicians? The answer appears to be that, in general, people are not intcrcsted in whether or not magicians' promises come truc.

I (London: British Museum, 1893). 28. S . Eitrcm, PappiOsloenrer,I: Mqical [email protected] (Oslo: Dybwad, 1925). 29. See A. Dicterich, Abrazar (Leipzig: Tcubner, 1891), p. 1, and his rcmark in a review article, "Griechisdie und romischc Religion," ARW 8 (1905) :486-87: Es nimmt mich immer wieder wunder, dass der uncrmeflliche Gcwim, dcr aus den Zauberpapyri nach so viclai Seircn hin zu erlangen ist, nur so urenige Arheiter lockt. Wic manchcr, der rcligionsgeschichrliche Arbeit tun will, tate hesser hier sich m hemiihcn als um Prohleme hcrumzuredcn, zu dcren Losung er doch nichts heitragcn kann.

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