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By Joseph P. Farrell

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Proof of using guns of mass destruction in precedent days is without doubt one of the secrets and techniques of the good Pyramid of Giza. The chapters of this revelatory publication contain: • An Archaeology of Mass Destruction • Thoth and Theories • The computing device speculation • Pythagoras, Plato, Planck, and the Pyramid • The Weapon speculation • Encoded Harmonics of the Planck devices within the nice Pyramid • excessive Frequency Direct present Impulse know-how • The Grand Gallery and its Crystals • Gravito-acoustic Resonators • the opposite huge Pyramids, the Causeways, and the Temples • A part Conjugate Howitzer

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It should be noted that one component of Sitchin's wider "extraterrestrial Model" now intrudes. For Sitchin, the Pyramid also functioned as some sort of communications device guiding "ancient astronauts" to a spaceport in Sumeria. He wavers back and forth between these two functions, though his texts clearly indicate its primary function as a weapon. Sitchin offers no explanation of how it might possibly have done both. Both are possible, particularly if it was a certain type of weapon embodying a certain type of physics.

We shall encounter a different understanding of what these stones may have been with Christopher Dunn's version of the Machine Hypothesis in chapter five. ). As she neared the Pyramid, she addressed Enki: "She shouts to him... " There was, however, a condition: the surrender was subject to a final resolution of the conflict until "the destiny-determining time" shall come. Promising to relay Enki's conditions, Ninhursag went to address Enlil. 12 13 Sitchin, op. cit, pp. 163-164, emphasis added. , p.

Establishing the origin of each pictograph within our own schematic language is difficult. If the origins of such pictographs could be traceable to any esoteric or occult provenance, this would constitute corroboration of the 24 The Giza Death Star hypothesis that a certain physics and engineering was deliberately encoded in secret occult traditions. Moreover, if the person or persons originating the use of a certain pictograph within the modern schematic language could be documented to be a member or associate of members of such traditions, then this corroboration would be stronger.

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