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By Stephen Batchelor

ISBN-10: 1619026368

ISBN-13: 9781619026360

Stephen Batchelor was once born in Scotland, in 1953. He grew up in a humanist atmosphere along with his mom and brother in Watford, north west of London. After finishing his schooling at Watford Grammar institution, he travelled overland to India in 1972, on the age of eighteen. He settled in Dharamsala, the capital-in-exile of the Dalai Lama, and studied on the Library of Tibetan Works and information. He used to be ordained as a Read more...


formerly released: Berkeley, Calif.: Parallax Press, 1990.

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Pai Chang uttered a cry of pain. 10 Pai Chang was also a highly regarded Zen teacher of whom many sayings and stories have been passed down. ’”11 Pai Chang’s principal successor was the remarkable monk Huang Po. Reputed to have been seven foot tall with a swelling in the middle of his forehead which resembled a pearl, Huang Po lived and studied in the communities of both Pai Chang and Nan Ch’üan. Referring perhaps to his own physical appearance, he once said, “Suppose a warrior, forgetting that he was already wearing his pearl on his forehead, were to seek for it elsewhere, he could travel the whole world without ever finding it.

The empty afternoon stretches dreamily before me; time unbroken by clocks and clappers slips away like water. Each morning in the dining hall another yesterday is torn from the calendar and thrown away. But as I look back I encounter only an abyss of vanished moments. For no landmarks stand out to separate one day from the next; nothing by which we measure the passing of time has taken place. It is in the nature of retreats that any interruption to routine be banished. ” In the morning we gather to listen to the Vinaya Master recite the monastic vows.

At such times, no matter how much Hsiang Lin spoke to present his understanding and gave play to his spirit, he never reached mutual accord with Yün Men. ” Hsiang Lin stayed on another three years. 24 Yün Men died in 949, two hundred fifty years after Huai Jang went to see Hui Neng. He was acknowledged as the founder of the Yün Men tradition of Zen, one of the five major “houses” of Chinese Zen, which survived for three hundred years after his death. The twelfth century Chinese Zen master Ta Hui summed up Yün Men’s elusive and penetrating teaching by citing the following remarks of his: “When you can’t speak, it’s there; when you don’t speak, it’s not there.

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