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By John Hemming

ISBN-10: 0156028263

ISBN-13: 9780156028264

Winner of the Christopher Award

"Distinguished by means of a unprecedented empathy, a sense of one's method into the minds of the 16th-century Spaniards and Indians ... A provocative book." -The long island Times

Praised because the best account of the annihilation of the Incan empire considering that W.H. Prescott's background of the Conquest of Peru, this compelling, authoritative account gets rid of the Incas from the area of prehistory and legend and exhibits the truth in their fight opposed to the Spanish invasion. Drawing on rediscovered resources and a firsthand wisdom of the Incan terrain, Hemming vividly describes postconquest Peru and the mixing of the Incas into the Spanish society, refuting many misconceptions concerning the decline of the Incan empire.

With maps, line drawings, and 24 pages of photography

John Hemming has written commonly for either renowned and educational audiences approximately South American heritage. A author, explorer, and anthropologist, he's a member of the Royal Geographic Society and has traveled widely in all continents, crossing the Sahara and Syrian deserts and collaborating in a huge exploration of a formerly unknown a part of Brazil.

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