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By Walton Look Lai

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Within the first seven chapters, approximately all of the records are 'official', generated by way of executive companies or officials. Colonial workplace correspondence and papers, reviews of Immigrations division officers and British brokers in South China, studies and papers of the Colonial Land and Emigration fee in London, Parliamentary Papers those are the most resources from which glance Lai chooses his extracts . . . yet in chapters eight and nine, which care for the post-indenture chinese language after 1870, and the unfastened immigration beginning round 1890, the kind of documentation adjustments. The chinese language have been not the accountability of any governmental business enterprise and their arrival and next actions generated little reliable documentation. In those chapters, glance Lai depends on non-official assets . . . even supposing the documentary extracts don't transcend 1950, the family members biographies were up-to-date to the early Nineties. they're in accordance with own interviews with, or written money owed by means of, aged relatives individuals.

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But in the process, whole new multi-racial and multi-ethnic societies came into being, whose legacy remains with us to today. THE CHINESE IN THE CARIBBEAN REGION 3 The entry of Asian labour into the Caribbean plantation system, beginning soon after the end of British Caribbean slavery in 1838, has to be seen against the backdrop of the changed conditions surrounding the regional sugar industry in the nineteenth century. Up until the end of the previous century, the Caribbean islands were the protected and pampered sugar producing centres of the early British Empire.

Bronkhurst, Wesleyan Missionary. The colony of British Guiana and its labouring population (London 1883) (iii) A Chinese Christian catechist writes from Demerara to his Protestant Missionary Superior in Hong Kong in 1880 The destruction by fire of British Guiana's Chinatown in 1913: an eyewitness recollection XXxii LIST OF DOCUMENTARY SOURCES Chapter 10 (1) A visiting Chinese journalist looks at the West Indian Chinese in the late 1920s (2) Trinidad Chinese community in the 1930s and 1940s (3) An English resident in Jamaica assesses the Chinese contribution up to 1940 (4) Chinese entrepreneurs in Jamaica in the 1940s and 1950s (5) A prominent Chinese writes on the Chinese of British Guiana up to 1940 (6) A Guyanese Chinese Institution: St Saviour's Church (7) Chinese women in the West Indies in the late 1930s: three articles (i) Chinese women of Guiana by Chen Leen (Mrs Evan Wong) (ii) Our women are an integral part of the community (Jamaica) by Cleata James Tam (iii) Trinidad Chinese dancer performs in New York in 1938 Two documents on Chinese attitudes to assimilation (i) Captain Cipriani addresses the Trinidad Chinese on the occasion of a dinner in honour of Alfred Richards, Deputy Mayor of Port-of-Spain, in 1936 (ii) Chinese of Trinidad present loyalty address to British Crown in 1937 A prominent Trinidad Chinese political figure dies in China in 1944 (8) (9) (10) Anti-Chinese sentiment and policy in the West Indies (i) The anti-Chinese riots in Jamaica in 1918 (ii) The Press in British Guiana complains about Chinese immigration in the 1920s (iii) Restrictions in Trinidad in the 1930s: two documents (a) Report of the Committee appointed by the Governor to enquire into the conditions, and effect upon the island, of alien and other immigration, 4 May 1931 (excerpts) (b) Debate in the Legislative Council on a proposed amendment to the immigration laws, moved by Captain Cipriani, 17 May 1935 (excerpts) (iv) A white Creole writer critiques the Chinese in Trinidad I Introduction This page intentionally left blank 1 The Chinese in the Caribbean Region The Chinese entry into Latin America and the Caribbean in the nineteenth century took place against the background of larger historical changes occurring in the region.

The century also stimulated throughout the Americas a transition in the nature of class relations, new forms of labour-capital relationships. Those economies which had depended, wholly or partially, on African slave labour for 200 years or more, began to move slowly away from slavery, and towards various new labour systems, both free and semi-free. The main reasons for this transition had as much to do with the economics of the African slave trade, and the economics and politics of local slave production, as with the liberalhumanitarian abolitionist crusade of the nineteenth century.

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