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By Satkari Mookerjee

ISBN-10: 8120807375

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The philosophy of the Medieval university of Buddhism used to be ushered into life by means of Dignaga and Dharmakirti and afterward systematised and constructed by way of Santaraksita, kamalasila, Ratnakirti and others of reputation. The metaphysical and epistemological facets of this college unfold in every single place, even in distant days, for they prompted not just the Brahmanical suggestion but additionally the non-Brahmanical speculations in Indian philosophical platforms from the 3rd century A.D. to one thousand A.D. yet a scientific presentation of the philosophy of this college had now not been tried so far

Reprint of the 1935 ed. released by means of collage of Calcutta, Calcutta.
"Substantially dependent upon ... [the author's] thesis which was once authorized for the measure of doctorate in philosophy by means of the collage of Calcutta in 1932."

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1 The real deve­ lopment of the Nyäya philosophy may be legitimately believed to commence with Uddyotakara, who, on his own avowal, derived his incentive to write his commentary from the hostile critics, whose sophistical (according to Uddyotakara) arguments went a long way to bring discredit on the Nyäya Philosophy. Uddyotakara’ s taciturnity in regard to names is notorious. Väcaspati Misra has supplied the lacuna and tells us that it was the adverse criticism of Dignäga and men of his ilk that gave the much-needed fillip to Uddyotakara for writing his master­ piece.

But, however formidable might have been these Buddhist philosophies, the most upsetting were the dialectics of Dignäga and Dharmakirti and their redoubtable successors. This is INTRODUCTION xlv evidenced by the vitriolic attacks of the Brähmanical and Jaina philosophical writings of the period. The present work concerns itself with this school of Buddhist philosophy and logic. It is the result of long years of study and thought. The present writer has endeavoured to present the philosophy of Dignäga’ s school with all its strength and purity.

This has not stood in the way of a school of American Realists from describing their system of philosophy as ‘ critica l/ For similar reasons I too have not hesitated to adopt this expressive term in my designation of the realistic philosophy of Dignäga’ s school. I felt that to put the same label on this philosophy and on that of the NyäyaVawesika school would be inappropriate and rather misleading. In fact, the philosophy of Dignäga’ s school, in so far as it is realistic, will be found to have greater affinities with Kant’s philosophy than with the commonsense naive Realism of the Nyäya-Vaisesika and Mvmämsä schools.

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The Buddhist Philosophy of Universal Flux. An exposition of the philosophy of critical realism as expounded by the school of Dignāga by Satkari Mookerjee

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