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Occult Paranormal

By Siegfried T.

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Sometimes, on approaching the sun, the bodies seemed to link together in groups not exceeding eight. Under the sun they were seen to have tails, Away from he sun, the tails were invisible. " 1811: Lumps of ice, a foot in circumference, fell in Derbyshire, England, on May 11. 1828: A mass of ice about a cubic yard in size fell in Candeish, India. 1829: A block of ice weighing four and one-half pounds fell at Cazorta, Spain, on June 15. 1830: A profound darkness came over the city of Brussels, on June 18, and flat pieces of ice, an inch long, fell to the ground.

Since the UFO's, even the material, structure like ones, are observed to sustain acceleration without mishap, we cannot but conclude that whatever the force used for such violent propulsion may be, it must be of such a nature that all fractions of the accelerated bodies are acted upon individually. This could only come about through reactance with the gravitational field, because nonmagnetic 38 materials do not react to a magnetic field. Therefore, since such movements are observed, we have to stop thinking in terms of jet or rocket propulsion, or reactance with a magnetic field, any of which subject both flesh and metal to outside pressures, and instead, ascertain how space craft obtain reactance with gravity.

ED: The following has no obvious reference or necessary position. Russia FINALLY admits atomic Warfare would obliterate Civilization from the Earth, No Winner & etc. Would they admitt such if they knew of Nothing better? " If the UFO's are, indeed, interested in preventing disintegration of the earth through atomic warfare, it is but natural that they would act through control of one or both of the nations now throwing around their atomic weight. Do they, then, control the United States, secretly?

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