The Big Book of Pain: Torture & Punishment Through History by Mark P. Donnelly, Daniel Diehl PDF


By Mark P. Donnelly, Daniel Diehl

ISBN-10: 0752459473

ISBN-13: 9780752459479

Explaining the mechanics of torture—even now a debatable topic—this historical past questions why lots attempt has been placed into inflicting pain to fellow human beings Taking readers into the traditional Roman coliseum, the medieval dungeon, the Inquisitional interrogation, the auto-da-fe, the witch-trial, and the main horrid of prisons, this is an exploration of the systematic use in the course of the a while of varied technique of punishment, torture, coercion, and torment. it's a stunning and compelling learn of the shameful equipment and factors of the torturer and the executioner, and of the heinous responsibility they've got played in the course of the a while. because the earliest instances it's an stated incontrovertible fact that somebody may be made to admit to something below torture, making such confessions inadmissible. This historical past of pain questions why such practices have continued for see you later.

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