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By Jim Haynes

ISBN-10: 1743432429

ISBN-13: 9781743432426

A stunning choice of writing concerning the sea - from first-hand money owed of ocean voyages to tales by means of Banjo Paterson and Mark Twain - from Australia's so much winning Australiana author.

The deep blue sea has been an unending resource of concept, ask yourself and mind's eye for explorers and writers alike. Australia's background and nationwide personality were outlined by way of the truth that we are living on an remoted island continent girt through sea.

The most sensible Australian Sea tales is stuffed with interesting background, drama, and shock. those tales hint the maritime heritage of Australia from the earliest occasions to this day. From first-hand bills of voyages from the eighteenth and 19th centuries to trendy debts of refugee 'boat people', the publication is a blinding compendium of the recognized and vague, the courageous and the jinxed, human fulfillment and tragedy.

From the secret of the mahogany send and the Dieppe map, which aspect to Portuguese discovery of Australia's whole east coast in 1522, to the poignancy of Matthew Flinders' spouse ready 9 years whereas he charted the coast of the land he named 'Australia', survived shipwrecks and have become a political prisoner of the French, this ebook is stuffed with extraordinary tales of bravery and endeavour, struggle and salvation.

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