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Occult Paranormal

By Philip Coppens

ISBN-10: 1601631987

ISBN-13: 9781601631985

"…an vital and awesome contribution."
--Erich von Daniken, best-selling writer of Twilight of the Gods

"The historical Alien Question presents an enthralling event worldwide and sheds an enticing viewpoint at the historical Astronaut thought. It increases questions that culminate in well-thought-out, and infrequently downright startling, conclusions. A must-read for somebody who desires to extend their wisdom horizon during this kick-ass field."
--Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, writer, Gods or old extraterrestrial beings? manufacturer, historic extraterrestrial beings: The Series

"In The historical Alien Question Coppens breaks the highbrow sound barrier and gives his readers a well-researched and well-written ebook that demanding situations this final taboo of the human experience. certainly a not-to-be-missed book!"
--Robert Bauval, writer of The Orion Mystery

"Philip Coppens covers the entire bases in this arguable subject. His learn is thorough and he addresses each one subject with a balanced review that cuts throughout the jungle of misunderstanding with a truly sharp machete of reason."
--David Hatcher Childress, writer of know-how of the Gods

Have we been visited through extraterrestrial beings?

Did those "ancient extraterrestrial beings" give a contribution to the delivery of human civilization?

Do our historical monuments comprise proof in their presence?

The old Alien Question unearths an array of superb truths, including:

  • A appreciably diverse knowing of the pyramids and the way they have been constructed
  • The origins of crystal skulls and the way they have been found
  • The remarkable tales in the back of monuments comparable to the Nazca traces and Puma Punku, and who outfitted them
  • How extraterrestrials got here to our planet and the facts that helps this

    Analyzing the ancient and archaeological proof, Philip Coppens demonstrates that there's big facts that our ancestors have been way more technologically complicated than at the moment authorised, and that yes cultures interacted with non-human intelligences. Our ancestors have been truly now not alone.

    Forty years after Erich von Däniken posed those questions in Chariots of the Gods, Coppens offers transparent and concise solutions to the good old enigmas in a so much obtainable and readable format.

    Your view of human heritage seriously isn't an identical back!

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    And what are we to make of Genesis 6, where there are references to giants and “the sons of God” coming down to mate with “the daughters of men”? and only in the rarest of occasions has science provided an answer. “Science”—I use the term occasionally to encompass the entire scientific field and its members; similarly “archaeology”—feels it should not have to answer these questions, because, as scientists see it, they are posed by an idiot (though on occasion science will try to find a nicer word for it).

    The question, of course, is whether First Contact has already been established, or is still a thing of the future. Proponents of the Ancient Alien Theory argue that First Contact has already happened, but that this momentous event has somehow been forgotten. Could that truly be the case? Contact In 1997, I attended the Ancient Astronaut Society’s World Conference in Orlando, Florida, and visited the Kennedy Space Center while I was at it. That same week, I saw the enjoyable movie Men in Black and the deeply inspired Contact, the latter based on a Carl Sagan novel in which the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence project (SETI) makes contact with an alien civilization.

    I gave up my hotel career and devoted myself entirely to my new profession: researcher of ancient texts and searcher for clues in archaeological ruins. Chariots of the Gods was a provocative book that had more than 230 question marks. I had written the book not in a scientific form of writing, but in a popular one. It contained some errors (unavoidable for a young author). In the scientific literature it is no different: There, too, one finds errors in books that are 30 or 40 years old. After all, science is a living thing, and not a religion, in which one must simply believe.

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