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By William G. Gray

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Bargains with the issues and information one is probably going to come across in temple perform. find out how a temple may still glance, the way it should still functionality, what a ceremonialist should still put on, what actual postures top advertise the appropriate spiritual/mental perspective, and the way magic is labored in a temple. Very useful for the newbie.

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No house is any stronger than its foundation, and here is signified the most trustworthy of spiritual standpoints available to an individual. In practice the symbol of the cube signifies the floor of the Temple and the sandals or slippers on one's feet. ) Factually it is the feeling of firmness between one's feet and the floor, which is sometimes patterned with black and white squares. Each square is big enough for one person to stand on and is conventionally assumed to be the top of a solid cube.

This may take a little time at first, but with a bit of practice, will only occupy a moment of time yet be deep enough to be effective. The correct procedure in this case is to take the physical cap between both hands so that its edges are folded inwards, which is suggestive of a female sex organ. Maybe this hints at the wonders and mystery of life emerging from the eternal womb of nature. Opening the cap out to view its empty interior might suggest the contents of a brain with no worthwhile thoughts in it.

As a rule, two main Christian features are absent altogether: preaching and paying. Normally the former is confined to lectures or discussions quite apart from Temple practice, and the latter comes as contributions collected however seems most practical outside the Temple itself. In many Temples there is a custom that money must not enter in any form, which presumably applies to credit cards and checkbooks. Thus all Temple procedures will concentrate entirely on the mystical methodology of the humans in question.

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